Over 800 children are starving and in danger. Please donate to our Soup Kitchen appeal and help give them a brighter future.

Orphaned, abandoned and unwanted, these children roam the streets in rags looking for scraps of food. We can make a very real difference to their lives, one child at a time. We can give them a hot meal every day, give them clothes to wear, inoculate them against disease, educate them and give them a safe place to play. The more we raise – the more children we can help.
Please make a donation today.

You can also make a payment either by Paypal or JustGiving. If you do not wish to create a Paypal account then please use JustGiving. Just click on one of the links below.


Or send a cheque made payable to “AKIN” to AKIN Charity, PO Box 1420, Gibraltar:

Thank you for your support.