Child Sponsorship

Over the years AKIN has either directly sponsored or arranged the sponsorship of over 100 children in Tanzania, Nepal and Sri Lanka. Many of the children sponsored have gone on to have jobs, families – and futures!

AKIN has never asked the sponsored children for anything in return except a simple promise: That at some point in future they will pass on the favour and help someone in need.

To date AKIN is aware of many examples of the sponsored children keeping that promise.

AKIN maintains a list of children in need of sponsorship. Most of the children on the list have been orphaned by HIV/AIDS or from some other terrible disease. However, this does not mean that the children are themselves suffering from HIV/AIDS.

Our representatives in Tanzania work closely with the children, and vet each child to verify its circumstances. Sadly, the children that join the AKIN “family” are in one way or another suffering either from the loss of a parent or both parents, or from extreme poverty. Every child is desperate to receive an education because they both know and appreciate the value a good education can bring – it gives them a future, not only for themselves but also for their families once they grow up, get married and find employment. So by helping one child you will by extension help other people in future.

How do I sponsor a child and what does it entail?

When you sponsor a child we will send some background details to you, including a photograph (if we do not currently hold a photograph we will ensure one is sent to you as soon as we receive it). You should indicate how much you wish to pay and the frequency of the payments (e.g., monthly, quarterly or annually) and the date of the first payment. We will then create a file on the child and notify our representatives so that they will provide regular progress reports for you. These reports are usually issued every 3 months. You may wish to write to your child and receive letters back. This can be arranged through our representatives, although it is quite possible that the child cannot yet speak English!

For older children the amount you send will be used mainly to pay education fees where these apply including school uniform, books and materials. Any surplus is used to provide the child with whatever he or she may need. For younger children the money is used to buy food, clothes, medical expenses, mosquito nets, and bedding – whatever the child needs and any surplus is used to build up an education fund to pay school fees when these become due.

Sponsoring a child and changing their future costs only £20 per month – less than one pound per day.

You can make a payment either by Paypal or JustGiving. Just click on one of the links below.


Or send a cheque made payable to “AKIN” to AKIN Charity, PO Box 1420, Gibraltar:

Thank you for your support.